Health Clinic


Frequently Asked Questions:


Each Year, our club facilitates a health clinic.  Please check back here for current information.

Commonly Asked Questions:

1-  What do I need to bring with me?  

Of Course... your dog with a good leash and collar that secures your dog. Some people with multiple dogs, will bring crates for parking your dogs. Either cash, credit/debit card or a personal check for payment. 

You will need a copy of your dog's registration certificate. You will also need to know your dog's microchip or Identification Information, although we will have a scanner and verify each chip prior to a test being performed.

OFA Eye and cardiac forms are the only forms that must be obtained on site and obtained from the doctor performing the test. You will get your forms once you have paid for your tests selected.

2-Do you take Credit or Debit Cards?

Yes, we accept cash, checks, credit cards and debit cards.

3- Do you offer pre-payment before the clinic?

Yes, there are some tests that require pre-appointments.  Those tests are pre-pay. 

The remainder of the clinic is first come first serve,  pay as you come.  There will be a pre-registration period starting at 8:30AM.
At the time when you pay for your screening tests, you will be given a time.  That time will be used to assist in the order in
which you are called to the screen station.You will get papers to fill out for each test for each dog,

When they are filled out, bring them back to the desk and have your microchip verified.  Then, you will be called in the order that the forms are submitted. If you are not present when we get to your form, we will call the next person to keep the line moving.  Each time we re-call, we will check to see if you have returned to the clinic waiting area. We will try to be as expeditious as possible.If screening stations get backed up, sales may be suspended or stopped until caught back up.

4-  I have multiple dogs; do you have a limit on how many dogs I can bring?

No,  you will need to have some way of securing your dogs. There will be space provided for parking crates. Realize there will be dogs put in between multiple dogs while you switch out your dogs.  Multiple dogs will not be allowed to hold up the line progress. If you do not have your dogs crated, you will need to bring someone that can assist you in handling your dogs. Please do not expect a clinic worker to hold your dogs and help you juggle in between your dogs. Please make sure your dog is wearing a collar that is tight enough they can not back out of. Each dog owner is responsible for responsible handling of their dog to ensure the security and safety of their own dogs and others around them

5- Will I need to bring my own chair?

There will be tables and chairs available for filling out your forms,
and space to crate your dogs if you have multiple dogs.

6-  Will there be any food or refreshments available?

There is a concessions area at the front of the building that sells
coffee, drinks, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.

7-  Who are the physicians?

Suzanne Hughes, DVM:  practices out of a facility in Durham, NC
She performs our BAER, Patella, and Microchip placement screening station.

Kathleen Brown, DVM, PhD, DACVIM who lives in Durham, NC.
She performs our Cardiac screenings.

Jennifer Fontenelle, DVM, MS, DACVO who practices out of the Cary Eye Clinic. She will be performing our CERF eye exams.

OFA Cardiac: 
BAER hearing: 
Microchip Placement: